Reopening the Patio!

Reopening the Patio!

Now that the provincial government has announced outdoor dining (pints on the patio) in certain regions of the province, we are very happy to say that our patio will be opening this Friday at 11am. 

Here are the details on what we are doing to provide a safe and friendly environment for all of our guests and staff members


  • picnic tables and chairs will all be set up at least 6 feet apart
  • we will have seating for a little over 100 people on the patio, while also observing proper social distancing
  • upon arrival, please enter into the retail area in order to book a table for your group.
  • customers will have access to washrooms just inside the brewery beside our retail counter. 
  • we are not accepting advanced reservation requests for the patio.  

Drinks and Food

  • we will be serving 12oz compostable cups of beer on the patio for our launch week.
  • our goal is to have at least 8 different beers available on tap this Friday, we will also be adding three more brews to the draught line up on Monday 
  • our self serve water station is still available
  • we will also be serving cold cans of our non alcoholic Root Beer, Ginger Beer and Cream Soda
  • super yummy food will be available from Ad Mare Seafood Truck.  Like a lot of businesses this week, we are working through some supply chain issues and would like to apologize in advance for any possible shortages or stock outs for the opening weekend


  • Friday to Sunday 11am-9pm
  • Monday to Thursday 1pm-9pm


Paul Meek

If we come in for patio sitdown do we just order from the food truck while there?

Paul Meek

Congratulations on your re-opening! I look forward to hearing your music again this summer.

Paul Meek

Would it be alright if we brought a few young kids?

Paul Meek

Can’t wait to see you all on Friday!!!!

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