$40 order = Free Delivery in Ottawa

$40 order = Free Delivery in Ottawa

When we launched our online store one month ago, we also introduced Ottawa to the simple offer of 12 tall cans = free delivery in Ottawa. We have now made the change to:

$40 online order = free delivery in Ottawa.

The reason for the change is simple, we are going to be offering much more than just tall cans, and wanted to make sure that our customers would have access to our free delivery for products, other than just tall cans of beer.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be adding the following to our online store - hats, shirts, hoodies, glassware, small cans of beer and our 10th Anniversary bottle of Eisbock.



Paul Meek

I HAve been trying to order 12 beer but The quanities do not seem to be updating properly order35407 came up as 8 cans so I put order 35411 in as 4 cans to make it up to 12 and it came up asonly 1 ca?

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