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Our beer garden is open 11am to 9pm everyday!

2021 limited edition 1L steins part of our Oktoberfest menu!

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500mL Draught - $6.63

355mL Draught - $4.86

Draught Flight (4 x 150mL) - $7.52

Happy Hour(s) all 500mL draught beer - $4.86

Happy Hour(s) Sunday to Wednesdays 4pm to 7pm
DRAUGHT CIDER | 500mL $6.63 | 355mL $4.86

Fogolar Cabernet Franc.    |    Terre Gaie Pinot Grigio

150mL - $4.86  |   Bottle - $22.12


Craft Soda | Cream Soda, Lime Soda or Ginger beer | $1.99, 355mL can

Otto's Cold Brewed Coffee | $4.20, 355mL stubby

Artisan Kombucha | Lemon Ginger | $4.42, 355mL stubby

Artisan Iced Tea | Raspberry Hibiscus | $3.53, 355mL stubby

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Los Cantores tortilla chips | original, refried bean or lime | $3.98 large bag

Smoky mild salsa | $2.65 

Neal Bros. Kettle chips | the real srirachup | $3.32 large bag

Neal Bros. | Honey Wheat Pretzel Sticks | $3.32 large bag


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* prices do not include tax 

We do our best to keep this menu up to date; draught selection changes daily.  Please note any food allergies to your server prior to ordering. Review our current health measures here, prior to your visit.