Rosehall Run - Pixie Petite Rosé Spritzer


Pixie Petite is a ready to drink wine spritzer made from the popular pink bubbly, Pixie (vidal and pinot noir blend). Remaining authentic and faithful to the Pixie brand, Pixie Petite is super convenient – just pop and drink!

Bursting with flavour, and low in alcohol, Pixie Petite is a refreshing drink for any occasion. With notes of peach, strawberry and citrus, this wine spritzer is now available in a sleek 355 ml can so it will have about the same punch as a beer or cider.

Local. Premium. Finely crafted. Pure. County. Passion. Take it to the beach, or to you bff's place for an afternoon visit. It's super cute and sleek and goes with anything, even on the rocks.