You're coming to Kichesippi Beer Co.

Here are some important venue details for your visit:

Parking information

  • Please find our current cafe, beverage and food menus in the 'visit' drop down menu above.
  • A designated smoking area is located under our large sign in the front of the building, please use the butt bucket!
  • The taproom has ramp access via the west entrance, however the barrier free washroom is only accessible through the front doors.  Taproom staff are happy to aide in accessing all on site services.
  • Please note any severe allergies to staff prior to ordering.
  • Bar tabs during larger events may require a credit card to be started; unsettled bills will be charged with an 18% gratuity with the daily business closing report.
  • Our hope is for everyone to have a great experience at the brewery as well as getting home safely; please help us by:

  1. planning a safe ride home and an alternate way home if you consume more than you expect,
  2. keep track of your drinks and consume alcohol within your limits / switch to non-alcoholic options
  3. don't let friends, or colleagues drive drunk, inform staff if you suspect someone is intoxicated and planning to drive
  4. if you are unsure, error on the side of caution remembering the ONLY thing that reduces blood alcohol is time.
  5. Anyone too intoxicated to be served can not remain on the property; staff will ensure that they head home in a taxi, with a sober friend or ride share.
  6. Kichesippi staff maintain a strict 7 servings limit.  No guest will be served more than 7 servings of alcohol regardless of signs of intoxication; this is a maximum policy; staff evaluate service on an individual basis. 

House Policies

  • All open alcohol must remain in the licensed areas of the building and beer garden.  Absolutly no outside alcohol is permitted to be consumed on the property; any alcoholic gifts/prizes provided by an attendee must remain in their original packaging.
  • All guests are asked to respect Kichesippi's posted core values, including anti-discrimination/harassment, environmental plan and act in a manor that is respectful to other guests, staff, the community and business assets.
  • A private booking is intended for invited guests of the host for personal celebrations, meetings or gatherings.  Publicly advertised free, paid or ticketed events must be approved with Kichesippi Management prior to booking confirmation.  
  • Kichesippi Beer Co. is an a-political entity and does not sponsor, host or promote events or activities related to a single political party, official, domestic or global policy without express written consent.
  • Fundraising, auctions or paid membership campaigns are not permitted on site without consent from Kichesippi management.
  • Kichesippi Beer Co. follows all posted mandatory public health and A.G.C.O policies.  Access to facilities and/or services may be subjected to restrictions as these policies change.

Feel free to contact the Taproom Manager - Mike Hall if you have any questions regarding our policies, your booking or our site. | 613.728.7845 x 2