Kelly's Coffee Company


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The Coffee

Our coffee is sourced responsibly and directly from the farmers and growers.  We roast all of our coffee in small batches in Ottawa, Ontario to ensure maximum freshness and quality.  All of our coffee is sold in convenient resealable one pound bags (454g)


The Story

Kelly always enjoyed starting her day with a coffee, especially when she could enjoy it with friends and family.  Each of our roasts are inspired by the parks, trails and beaches that she enjoyed throughout her life. 


Life is short, be sure to take a break, get outside and enjoy a coffee with friends and family.


Our Roasts

Available May 18th

Name Trailside       Roast: Cafe Blend

Notes: citrus, spicy and bittersweet      454g/16oz

Responsibly Sourced



Name: Melmerby     Roast: Dark

Origin: Brazil Vereda,Bahia     Varietal: Bourbon

Notes: creamy and smooth, body, soft, chocolate    Process: Fully Washed

Altitude:  1300-1700m       Directly Sourced




Available in June


Name: Silent Lake      Roast: Medium

Origin: Guatemala La Moyuta     Varietal: Caturra/Bourbon/Typica

Notes: creamy and smooth, body, soft, chocolate

Process: Fully Washed     Altitude:  1300-1700m

454g/16oz     Directly Sourced

Name: Point Pleasant     Roast: Espresso

Origin: Brazil Mogiana     Varietal: Bourbon

Notes: nutty, bittersweet, chocolate     Process: Natural

Altitude:  1100-1250m

Directly Sourced     454g/16oz

Name: Rouge Valley     Roast: Decaf

Origin: Peru      Notes: rich, dark chocolate

Process: Swiss Water Processed

Responsibly Sourced     454g/16oz