Event Bookings

We’re looking forward to your upcoming visit to our taproom in Bells Corners!

Please familiarize yourself with our health measures and what is needed prior to your visit so we can maintain a safe visit for you, other guests, service partners and our staff.

Checking in:

  • Every guest must indicate that they have read and understood the screening poster or show completion of the self screening tool as part of their checking in.
  • Current health measures require Kichesippi Staff to verify 
    • proof of double vaccine status and valid photo ID are required by anyone entering the taproom.  This includes guests, performers and employees/service providers.
    • Anyone medically unable to receive a vaccine is required to provide proof of exemption, photo ID and a negative COVID antigen or molecular test dated no more than 48h from the event date.
  • Contact tracing for every person from a different household (drivers license address) will be collected and destroyed after 4 weeks.

Please wait at the host stand with identification and proof of vaccine ready for a staff member to check you in.

  • Please only enter through the front doors when arriving (covered single door next to the driveway).  After checking in you may use the rear taproom doors if accessing the food trucks.
  • Please maintain social distancing from other parties accessing the retail store or taproom and keep the lobby free for traffic entering and exiting.

Mask requirements:

  • Masks are required as mandated by Ottawa Public Health:
    • Before you enter the building,
    • At all times in the retail store,
    • All other public areas of the building with the exception of when you are seated at your table or in a private area* only occupied by members of your group.
    • When at a food truck ordering window.
  • Kichesippi’s full mask policy and general health measures are available on the website (www.kbeer.ca/pages/visit-us) and are posted in the lobby.
  • We do not have sufficient stock of single use masks to provide all guests.  If you require a mask we are accepting a minimum $2 donation to the food bank for a single use mask, please call 613.728.7845 from you car or outside the front door and we will bring one outside for you..

*Private areas / exclusive bookings

Group bookings that are separated from public spaces by impermeable dividers will be provided with limited standing space/tables.  Masks are recommended but not required in these limited spaces however, masks are required to be worn:

  • prior to exiting the exclusive area including accessing other areas in the taproom, washrooms and retail store 
  • and when lining up to order/ordering from the bar or food service area.  In these cases the bar area is treated as a service area requiring a mask.

Organizer Requirements:

  • Please ensure all guests are provided with a link to this document in order to make arriving, checking in and accessing the space as easy as possible.
  • As the event organizer, you are responsible for ensuring service partners (food, performance, etc.) have contacted the taproom manager with enough notice to review their service requirements on site, the space they will occupy for the event as well as load in/out details.
  • Organizers are encouraged to provide Kichesippi Staff a guest list with the name and contact number for each guest prior to the event start in order to speed up the check in process.

Any questions can be directed to the taproom manager: mike@kbeer.ca