Yeasty Wheat !!

Yeasty Wheat !!

It’s back!  One of our top hits from last year… our Hefeweizen!

Since he joined Kichesippi, our Brewmaster Don “Dr. Malt” Harms has been telling us that he makes a great Weissbier, so we finally gave him the go ahead.  If we’re being honest, the Hefeweizen was long overdue.  In 1989, Don began his apprenticeship as a brewer in Germany where he specialized in brewing Weissbier.   He got to work perfecting a recipe that would be a true reflection of this internationally known and loved wheat beer (weissbier).  The result was a crazy delicious and refreshing brew.  It was so popular we knew it would be back for year 2, and this beer also won the Hefeweizen silver medal at the Ontario Brewing Awards last night.

Our unfiltered Hefeweizen pours a cloudy straw colour.  True to the style, notes of banana and clove can be detected in this tasty beer! 

Style: Hefeweizen

ALC %: 5.3

IBUS: 15


What the heck is a Hefeweizen?!

Hefe= “yeast” and weizen = “wheat”.  Very simply put a hefeweizen is a yeasty wheat beer!  The yeast is top fermented which makes it an ale.

The style originated in Germany and can be distinguished by the cloudy pour (yeast is not filtered out of the beer), low hop bitterness and clove and banana flavours.  Lower hop bitterness is often paired with higher carbonation to help balance the beer’s malty sweetness.

Hefeweizen may also be referred to as “Weissbier” which translates to “white beer”.   This style existed before the creation of lagers or pale ales.  It received the name Weissbier as it was significantly lighter in colour than the majority of German beers at the time.


For now our Hefeweizen is only available at the brewery retail store (866 Campbell Ave.) and a few local restaurants.  However, it will also be available in select LCBO stores for the summer!  Make sure to grab a few cans and enjoy this fantastic summer brew- cheers!

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