Feb 13th is Sex Toy Bingo

Feb 13th is Sex Toy Bingo

Our first instagram post about this event got some surprising reactions!  Only a few days away, here's a quick run down on why you should get tickets:

1. This really only came together because the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre was happy to be involved.  Kichesippi shares the beliefs of the ORCC (http://www.orcc.net/about/orcc-values-and-beliefs), but just because we do, doesn't affect change.  We want to take concrete actions that will support the work of the ORCC.  

2.  Our first choice of prize sponsor Venus Envy Ottawa was also on board!  It is important that the prizes and philosophy of involved businesses is in line with the values of the ORCC for this to make sense. https://venusenvy.ca/pages/mission-statement

None of the prizes on Thursday are videos or porn related products.  Venus Envy is a health and education forward business that offers great products and services related to fun and safe sex, which is the best kind! 

3.  Our bingo host is the VERY funny @samlapradecfre who is donating her time to take part in this event!

4.  It's "gal-entines" day, what better event to attend with your partner, or with friends and have a laugh while raising funds for a great cause in Ottawa.  Everyone's a winner, but some winners may require batteries.


Get your tickets here:


We're aiming for at least 8 rounds, door fee gets you 8 bingo cards, extra cards are $2 each or 12 for $20.

Advance ticket sales up to $400 will pay for prizing (including a great discount and some free stuff from Venus Envy), all extra funds will go to the ORCC.  100% of extra bingo card sales will go directly to the ORCC.

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