ESB for D'Arcy McGee

ESB for D'Arcy McGee

We first brewed our ESB in February 2017 and after countless requests we are bringing it back.  Here are the Top 10 things you need to know about the return of our ESB:

10 - Krista will be able to get back to doing other things in the office, other than telling customers that we will hopefully make this beer again some day

9 - April 7 2018 will be the 150th anniversary of his assassination, so let's have an Irish Wake to commemorate the occasion.

8 - D'Arcy McGees in Kanata will be pouring this beer

7 - Everyone in the brewery (except for Paul) has been begging for this beer to return

6 - It's always fun to ask people what they think ESB stands for

5 - the new D'Arcys location at Carling and Kirkwood will be pouring this beer

4 - Jeff O'Reilly approached us about this idea, and it is really hard to say no to ideas from Jeff O'Reilly

3 - Cans of ESB will be available at the brewery starting March 9th

2 - D'Arcy McGees on Sparks Street will be pouring this beer as of March 14th

1 - D'Arcy McGee would have been 193 years old on April 13th 2018, so let's raise a glass of ESB to celebrate!!!

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