Dartmouth Common

Dartmouth Common

Our latest Staff pick was chosen by Meg Brennan, who grew up in Nova Scotia across the street from the Dartmouth Common. Dampfbier (German for steam beer), is a now rare, centuries-old style, and was traditionally known as the beer for the common folk.  Brewed with German weizen yeast, this all malt brew has hints of clove and a mild hop finish.

Dartmouth Common is available in Growler a tour retails store with a limited run of cans available Friday February 12th.

You can also find this brew available on tap at the following fine establishments: The Grand Pizzeria, Sir John A, 10fourteen, Standard Luxury Tavern, Pub Italia, Play Food and Wine, Lieutenants Pump, Johnny Farina's, Atomic Rooster, Gezellig, Woody's, Carben and Brothers Beer Bistro. 


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