Dartmouth Common

Our latest Staff pick was chosen by Meg Brennan, who grew up in Nova Scotia across the street from the Dartmouth Common. Dampfbier (German for steam beer), is a now rare, centuries-old style, and was traditionally known as the beer for the common folk.  Brewed with German weizen yeast, this all malt brew has hints of clove and a mild hop finish.

Dartmouth Common is available in Growler a tour retails store with a limited run of cans available Friday February 12th.

You can also find this brew available on tap at the following fine establishments: The Grand Pizzeria, Sir John A, 10fourteen, Standard Luxury Tavern, Pub Italia, Play Food and Wine, Lieutenants Pump, Johnny Farina's, Atomic Rooster, Gezellig, Woody's, Carben and Brothers Beer Bistro. 


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