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 April 20 - Grapefruit Radler

Fresh Batch available today

April 21 - BC Light

Fresh Batch available today


April 28 - Hefeweizen


Yes it's a Weizenbier! Our Hefeweizen is the traditional name for a top-fermented beer (ale) in which a significant amount of malted barley is replaced with wheat.  Pared with the attributes of the yeast, we create a distinct and refreshing beer, cloudy in appearance with notes of clove and banana.  

  • Style: Hefeweizen
  • Alc %: 5.3
  • IBUs: 15

 April 29 - Boom IPA

April 29th will be our 11th anniversary, so we thought this was a perfect day to launch a brand new IPA.  Our inspiration for this beer comes from the storied lumber industry on the Ottawa River, and the massive log booms that would be towed downstream to the sawmills.  These log booms contained hundreds of pine trees and became most well known with the iconic image of a broken boom on the back of the Canadian One Dollar Bill.  We brew this beer with an abundance of four different hop varietals, to provide complex and assertive aromas of pine and citrus.
Style: India Pale Ale
Alc: 7.2%
IBU 80



May 5 - Commissariat

 A fresh batch of our traditional stock ale will be available today


May 6 - Aberdeen Red Ale

This beer was first introduced on tap at CRAFT in Ottawa and is quickly become a fan favourite since we started offering it in cans in 2020.

May 13 - Frederico Cerveza

 We first introduced this beer last summer, and both batches sold out faster than anything else we brewed last year.