Los Cantores Corn Chips


While we’re located in Ottawa, our family, Godinez-Luna, comes from Tamazula, a pre-Hispanic town nestled in the south of Jalisco state, Mexico. Often considered the birthplace of many things Mexican, the region is famous for its folklore, music, tequila, and mouth-watering Mexican cuisine! 

It was in this ancient city that one of our ancestors, Grandma Carmen, or “Doña Carmen” as she was called, came to master the Mexican culinary arts. From her kitchen in “La Hacienda Los Cantores,” she experimented with her craft, adding a pinch of this and a dash of that until she had perfected recipes for the most delicious authentic Mexican and Spanish dishes. 

Those recipes had been passed down from generation to generation—and when we emigrated to Canada, we made sure we brought them with us. 

Once we got to Canada, we were surprised at what passed for the foods of our homeland. Authentic Mexican foods are lighter, more delicate and subtle; made with natural ingredients like onions, spices, garlic, jalapeños and sea salt. Plus a splash of fresh lime in almost every dish.

From our grandmother's recipe to your table. We hope you enjoy the authentic taste of Los Cantores Tortilla Chips as much as we enjoy making them.

  • gluten free
  • non GMO
  • no artificial flavours
  • certified Kosher
  • no cholesterol
  • 100% natural
  • no preservatives