Lady Colborne

Size: Can (473ml)

The first steamboat on the Ottawa River was the sidewheel paddle-steamer Lady Colborne. Starting in 1832, this 100 foot long passenger steamer worked on the Ottawa between Aylmer and Fitzroy four times a week in each direction, for the seven months that the river was open each year.  

Dampfbier (German for steam beer), is a rare centuries-old style, and was traditionally known as a beer for the common folk.  Brewed with German weizen yeast, this all malt brew has hints of clove and a mild hop finish.  
We first brewed this beer in 2016 as part of our Staff Pick program.  It was originally introduced as Staff Pick # 4 - Dartmouth Common
  • Style: Dampfbier
  • Alc %: 5.1
  • IBUs: 14