Bottles and Cans Beverage Company

Bottles and Cans Beverage Company
Now Open!  Monday to Friday 11am-7pm
2265 Robertson Road (inside the Kichesippi Brewery)

Ottawa, Ontario

We have opened a new store in the brewery.  This new concept provides our customers with a great selection of products that are not readily available at Ottawa area LCBO stores, Beer Stores and grocery stores. 

Our main source of products is independent producers throughout Ontario.  We will also be working with suppliers from across Canada, and internationally to ensure that our customers have a vast selection of products to choose from.

What type of products are available?

Beer, Wine, Spirits, Soda, Hard Seltzers, Cider, Ice Cream, Hot Sauces, Snacks

Are these products also available for home delivery?

Right now these products are available for retail only.  At the end of May, we will start featuring some of these products on our online store for home delivery and curbside pick up.

If I am looking for a particular product, would you be able to bring it in for me to your store?
We are absolutely interested in customer suggestions and requests for hard to find products.